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City of Greensboro 2018 Disparity Study

Griffin & Strong, P.C. (“GSPC”) is a law and public policy consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA, that is under contract with the City of Greensboro, North Carolina (“City”) to conduct a Disparity Study (“Study”). This study will review the City of Greensboro’s procurement process and examine participation in City contracts by Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (collectively “M/W/DBEs”). The Study will also analyze whether there is equal access to government contracts for business owners of all ethnicities. Data and Anecdotal evidence collection for this study has now concluded. Thank you, Greensboro,  for your participation. We are currently in the process of drafting the final report and recommendations, due for delivery in early 2018.

For any remaining questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email us at GreensboroStudy@gspclaw.com. We are not at liberty to release details of the findings and recommendations until instructed by the City of Greensboro. However, to follow any announcements on the Study roll out, you may also follow us on Facebook at Griffin & Strong, P.C. and on Twitter @GriffinStrong.

2018 Disparity Study Survey of Business Owners

The 2018 Disparity Study online Survey of Business Owners has concluded. Thank you, again, for your participation.

Anecdotal Interviews and Qualitative Outreach

The anecdotal interview process for the 2018 Disparity Study has begun. Our Local partner, Gerry McCants of McCants Communication Group, Inc, is in the process of scheduling and completing anecdotal interviews. If you are contacted for an interview, we thank you in advance for your participation.

If you have not been contacted to participate in an interview or focus group and wish to provide anecdotal evidence on your experiences doing business in and with the City, you may email us anytime with comments or questions at GreensboroStudy@gspclaw.com.

Informational Meetings

Thank you, Greensboro, for your participation during the Informational meetings. We had a phenomenal turnout and your activity was critical in laying the foundation for the rest of the study process. Make sure you return to participate in our Public Hearing Process in September, 2017.

Public Hearings

Over the course of the Study, there will be opportunities for member of the community to provide input about their experiences in doing business in and with the City of Greensboro. At the public hearings, comments regarding both positive and negative interactions with the City and in the public and private sector business communities, will be heard and recorded by a court reporter. All comments provided during the public hearings will become a part of the public record and will be included in the Study analysis.


Wednesday, September 27th
From 5:30 pm- 7:30 pm
Public Information Session I
Nussbaum Center For Entrepreneurship
1451 S Elm-Eugene St Greensboro, NC
Thursday, September 28th
Between 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Public Information Session II
Odeon Theatre (at Greensboro Coliseum)
1921 West Gate City, Greensboro, NC
*The time and location has been adjusted to accommodate the MWBE outreach event occurring at the Greensboro Coliseum. 

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